Simple Past Tense

What is Simple Past Tense

On this page, you’ll find detailed information about the simple past tense. We have covered the meaning, rules, structure, and various types of simple past tense followed by examples to enhance your understanding. 

कोई भी घटना या कार्य जो भूत काल में हुआ था । इन वाक्यों के अंत में था, थे, थी इत्यादि शब्दों का उपयोग होता है ।

उदाहरण : मनोज प्रतिदिन विद्यालय जाता था !

Note : We use ” Did ” in this tense and with ” did ” only first form of the verb is used !

Simple past tense definition :

  • The simple past tense, also known as the past indefinite tense, is a grammatical tense used to describe actions, events, or states that occurred and were completed in the past. 
  • It is typically used to indicate that an action happened at a specific point in the past and is no longer happening. 
  • In English, this tense is often formed by adding the suffix “-ed” to regular verbs (e.g., “walked,” “talked”) and using the past tense form of irregular verbs (e.g., “went,” “ate”). 
  • It is also used to express habitual actions in the past. For example, “She visited the museum yesterday,” or “They always played soccer on weekends.”
  • In some cases we use ” used to ” phrase which tells about an action that happened in the past and no longer continues. It shows a former habit , fact  or action.

Simple past tense rules :

1. Affirmative sentence :

Subject + Second Form of Main Verb + Object

Example : कमला ने एक गीत गाया था । - Kamla sang a song.

2. Negative sentence :

Subject + Helping/ Auxiliary Verb ( Did ) + Not + First Form of Main Verb + Object

Example : कमला ने एक गीत नहीं गाया था । - Kamla did not sing a song.

3. Interrogative sentence :

Helping/Auxiliary Verb ( Did ) + Subject + First Form of Main Verb + Object

Example : क्या कमला ने एक गीत गाया था ? - Did Kamla sing a song ?

Simple past tense exercise with answers :

Following are the simple past tense sentences with solutions. These sentences also include simple past tense in hindi language which helps everyone to practice and master this tense.

1. Affirmative sentence :

Travellers slept throughout the day.

2. Negative sentence :

3. Interrogative sentence :

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