Present Continuous Tense

What is Present Continuous Tense

On this page, you’ll find detailed information about the present continuous tense. We have covered the meaning, rules, structure, and various types of present continuous tense followed by examples to enhance your understanding. 

कोई भी घटना या कार्य जो वर्तमान काल में जिस समय वक्ता उसके बारे में बोल रहा हो तब भी वह काम हो रहा हो । इन वाक्यों के अंत में रहा है, रहे हैं, रही है इत्यादि शब्दों का उपयोग होता है ।

उदाहरण के लिए : मोहन पानी पी रहा है , श्याम विद्यालय जा रहा है , सूर्य देव पूर्व से उदय हो रहे हैं , राजन शीघ्रता से गाड़ी चला रहा है !

Present continuous tense definition :

  • The present continuous tense, also known as the present progressive tense is used to describe an action that happens at the time when the speaker is speaking. 
  • It describes an ongoing action or event happening at the current moment or within a specific time frame around the present. 
  • It is used to convey actions or events that are in progress, temporary, or happening now.

Present continuous tense rules :

1. Affirmative sentence :

Subject + Helping/Auxiliary Verb ( Is/Am/Are ) + Ist form of Main Verb + Ing + Object

Case 1 : If Subject is I then we use Am as helping verb.

Example : मैं फुटबॉल खेल रहा हूँ । - I am playing football.

Case 2 : If Subject is You/ We/ They/ Plural then we use Are as helping verb.

Example : खिलाड़ी मैदान में अभ्यास कर रहे हैं । - Players are doing practice in the ground.

Case 3 : If Subject is He/ She/ It or Singular then we use Is as helping verb.

Example : वह पुस्तक पढ़ रहा है । - He is reading the book.

2. Negative sentence :

Subject + Helping/Auxiliary Verb ( Is/Am/Are ) + Not + Ist form of Main Verb + Ing + Object

Example : लोग फुटबॉल नहीं खेल रहे हैं - People are not playing football

मनोज चाय नहीं पी रहा है - Manoj is not drinking the tea.

3. Interrogative sentence :

Helping/Auxiliary Verb ( Is/Am/Are ) + Subject + Ist form of Main Verb + Ing + Object

Example : क्या लोग कबड्डी खेल रहे हैं - Are people playing kabaddi ?

क्या बच्चा रो रहा है ? - Is the child crying ?

Present continuous tense exercise with answers :

Following are the present continuous tense sentences with solutions. These sentences also include present continuous tense in hindi language which helps everyone to practice and master this tense.

1. Affirmative sentence :

2. Negative sentence :

3. Interrogative sentence :

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