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Vedic Math Classes

Who Can Join Vedic Math Classes !

vedic math classes


"Students aged between 4 years to 20 years can join these Vedic Math classes. By learning Vedic Math tricks you get better grades & develop interest in the subject."

vedic math classes


"These Vedic Math classes are designed for parents and teachers. Enhance your skills and become a certified Vedic Math trainer. Teach your kids with the help of this method"

vedic math classes


"Start a business that has high return on investment. Join our Vedic Math Online and Classroom Franchise program. Build a bright career by sharing knowledge."

What is Vedic Math !

“Discover the Power of Vedic Math, an ancient Indian arithmetic methodology designed for swift and efficient problem-solving. Originating from ‘Veda,’ signifying ‘knowledge,’ Vedic Math was unveiled by the esteemed Indian mathematician, His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracarya Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja of Govardhana Matha, Puri, during the years 1911 to 1918. The insights and principles of Vedic Math, encapsulated in the Vedic Mathematics book by Tirthaji Maharaj, revolve around sixteen fundamental sutras. When faced with complex and time-consuming mathematical challenges, traditional approaches often fall short. Our Vedic Math classes leverage these ancient tricks to expedite problem-solving, aiding in the development of both hemispheres of the brain. Students witness a remarkable enhancement in their calculation speed, fostering creativity and innovation. Vedic Math classes extend their application to a wide array of mathematical domains including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and conics.”

Why to join Vedic Math Classes

BanyanCrew Vedic Math classes offer clear and simple Vedic math tricks to solve complex mathematical calculations swiftly.

Students can solve math problems 10-15 times faster through techniques like Vedic math multiplication and division.

Learn to solve long and complex calculations mentally using Vedic math methodologies.

Implement playful teaching methods to keep students engaged, making the learning process joyful and memorable for effective understanding and retention.

The Vedic math course trains students in analytical skills and mental calculations, acting as a proven ‘Brain Development Program’ for children.

Emphasis on playful methods to encourage creativity and make the learning process more joyful and memorable for better concept retention.

Equip students with vital mental calculation and analytical skills essential for success in competitive exams, contributing to their overall academic growth.

  • Improved mental agility and intelligence.
  • Enhanced creativity through a rational approach to math.

“My 7 year old daughter has been taking the Vedic Maths “Level 1” class from the last few months , and I have seen really good progress from her. She just completed “Level 1” and has been happy and excited throughout the process , and the major reason of that is the style of the teacher “Mr.Narendra”. We are also going to continue onwards to “Level 2” of the course.

I was initially hesitant to take a class in India (when I live in San Francisco , California, USA) due to the time difference , but Narendra was really accommodating with all the schedule changes due to school , or any other changes in my daughters schedule.

Narendra is really nice person and also a wonderful teacher. His patience of dealing with very young kids (who at times are not feeling ready for class , or are mischievous at times) has been the the most defining moment of the program. He never raised his voice at the children , and has always made the “extra mile” effort of doing everything he can to make sure that his students slowly become again part of that session.

When my daughter started the class , she took a much longer time to get adjusted to the new “Vedic Style” technique of maths when compared to conventional technique of counting numbers and adding them on the paper (or in your head) . Narendra was really encouraging at that time for my daughter and constantly gave her motivation and positive reinforcement that she was doing well. He kept saying to her and us – It’s ok to go slower at the beginning , but once she gets used to this technique , she would make much faster progress. The same exact thing happened with my daughters performance in class , and after that initial painfully slow progress time , she moved quickly through different levels.

He also pushes children to be confident while speaking with him , as well as others around them , which has been a wonderful gift for my daughter who is usually shy around new people. He explained her that if she is sure of the answer , she should say it confidently rather than shyly speaking at the volume which is not as audible.

I would highly recommend Narendra to a friend or a family member , or even complete strangers due to all of the above reasons and so many others which I didn’t write as a part of this review.

Thanks again for all the amazing education that you give to all your students.”

Rajpal Paryani

vedic math classes

Features Of vedic Math Classes

Games aid in the development of imagination power and logic, fostering a creative approach to math.

The course helps in removing dependency on finger counting, improving calculation speed.

Utilizing math cards to visualize numbers enhances retention and understanding, promoting efficient learning.

Unique techniques like picking up coins and using fingertips in activities activate brain cells, aiding concentration.

Evaluation is done using engaging games like maths Ludo and Math Carom, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Training involves the use of various sutras and sub-sutras of Vedic Math, amplifying calculation speed and efficiency.

Advantages Of Vedic Math Classes

Vedic Math classes provide a significant advantage by enhancing a child’s understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts.

The course enhances oral calculation abilities, leading to faster and more accurate calculations.

Students become at ease with numbers and develop a keen interest in mathematics through Vedic Math classes.

Silly mistakes in calculations are eliminated, and calculation speed is notably improved.

Vedic Math classes boost mental power, confidence, and the ability to perform faster than a calculator.

Students are trained to apply Vedic Math principles in daily life, enhancing their problem-solving skills.

vedic math classes

What Are The Sixteen Sutras Of Vedic Mathematics

By one more than the previous one.

All from 9 and the last from 10.

Vertically and crosswise

Transpose and adjust

When the sum is the same that sum is zero

If one is in ratio, the other is zero

By addition and by subtraction

By the completion or non-completion

Differences and Similarities

Whatever the extent of its deficiency

Part and Whole

The remainders by the last digit

The ultimate and twice the penultimate

By one less than the previous one

The product of the sum is equal to the sum of the product

The factors of the sum is equal to the sum of the factors

Mission & Vision

We aim to explore and groom the inner potential of students to solve most complicated mathematical equations and to spread the importance of Vedic Maths across the globe. It is our vision to serve a large number of students through valuable education solutions. We aspire to become the best provider for supplementary education programs like Vedic maths to magnify the mathematical skills right from school going students to those aspiring for attempting competitive examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vedic Math is a Bhartiya system of learning mathematics. Using Vedic Math tricks one can solve complex arithmetic problems. It was discovered by a Bhartiya mathematician Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji. They concluded their entire research in the form of sixteen Vedic formulae (sutra). With the help of these formulae and tricks, problems including arithmetic , conics, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus can be solved comfortably.

This course can be learnt via online classes or by taking face to face workshops. Both methods are reliable and yield great results. Students can join by opting for any of the two methods. For teachers, parents and franchisee owners online classes will be a better option.

It takes 16 minutes to go through Vedic Math concepts “Yes Just 16 minutes ! “ However the real time situation differs from the above notion. To master the course and become an expert, duration varies depending upon the category and individual grasping power. On an average for students it may take 2 to three years with thorough practice. For teachers this may vary from 3 to 6 months to master the entire course with time bound sessions.

Accuracy improves, calculation speed increases, enhanced IQ level, high confidence, affinity towards mathematics, finger counting removal, better grades are some of the benefits of learning this course. In addition to this, it also helps in different sections of mathematics including calculus, trigonometry, geometry, arithmetic etc. Long and scary calculations can be solved in fractions of seconds.

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Basic Level

399 $
Duration : Three Months
  • Two classes / week
  • 45 min / Class

Intermediate Level

499 $
Duration : Four Months
  • Two Classes / Week
  • 45 min / Class

Advance Level

699 $
Duration : Six Months
  • two classes / per week
  • 45 min / class
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